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Give a man a mask and he'll tell you the truth.

This paring is allowed here, yes?

Title: Give a man a mask and he'll tell you the truth. (Steve's POV, cross-posted, long ago, to suckerlove)
Author: bitexmarks
Pairing: Brian/Steve (placebo)
Rating: R!
Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT TRUE! It's only a story I conjured up in my brain. I don't know or own (damn it) any of these people. It is ONLY a story.
Word count: 5.698

I’ll never forget that night, it was Mardi Gras and we’d been in New Orleans for three days already, three blissful days of relaxing, drinking and just blending in with the other ~freaks~ of the night.
For three days Brian, Stef and I were….normal.

We weren’t rock stars, we weren’t demi gods we were just three guys in the midst of Mardi Gras having one hell of a time.

‘Show me some skin baby!’ someone screamed from one of the floats and dangled a handful of multicolored Mardi Gras beads from his hand, and yah, he was pointing right at me.
‘Come ooon baby!’

I must have blushed, but…luckily it didn’t show for all three of us wore elaborate carnival masks that night, imitation Venetian ones that covered the top half of your face fully. Bri’s was harlot red, Stef’s an electric blue and mine was black. All three of the masks were adorned with glitter and tall black feathers pluming out from the temples making us look like some sort of erotic feather-demons.

‘Hey Steve’ I felt Brian’s elbow nudge me in the ribs. ‘the guy wants to see your tits!’ then his words were followed by a ribbon of girly giggle as melodically as a child’s song.

‘I’m not….’ But my words were cut of short for a very drunk Brian had grabbed the hem of my black shirt and pulled it up with such force and such speed I didn’t know what hit me.

‘Hot damn baby! You get a prize!’ and the half-naked guy on the float tossed me a long necklace of pearly pink Mardi Gras beads that fell right at my feet as I scrambled to get my shirt back down.

With a low grumble I bend down and picked them up nearly tripping over my own…very drunk feet.

‘Steve got beads! Steve got beeeads!’ chanted Brian ad he grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me over to where Stef and his boyfriend Mal stood.

‘Look!’ Brian grabbed my beads and dangled them between the snuggling pair like a fisherman dangling a hook over a fish. ‘Beads!’

‘What did you have to do to get that Steve?’ Stef asked with a chuckle, ‘show someone some skin?’

‘Shuttup….’ I grumbled.

‘Mal and I are going for a walk.’ Stef said…which roughly translated to ~we’re going to find a dark alley and fuck so don’t follow us.~ then quickly left, his own shimmery Mardi Gras beads dangling from his neck matching the two decorating Mal’s.

‘Guess that leaves you and me Stevey-boy.’ And Brian snaked his arm around my waist and leaned against me, head tilted up, the mask making him look almost ridiculous.
Like a kid playing dress-up.

‘Let’s go get a drink.’ He suggested and before I could protest that I had had enough he was dragging me away from the crazy crowd and lead me through street after street of party goers, all of them glimmering with elaborate costumes, or insane masks, some dressed with frills and silk and velvet while most showed off as much skin as possible, accentuating their near nudity with glitter and words of vulgarity scribbled across torsos and arms with magic marker.

We walked…or rather we staggered through New Orleans until we slowly came to a quieter part and there were hardly any people about save a handful of teenagers clustered around street lights clad in skins of black.
‘Vampires!’ Brian giggled and pointed to a small group of boys all dressed like Bela Lugosi.

‘Quiet mate!’ and I clamed my hand over his mouth, I was in no mood to come into contact with anyone that may realize that we were not mere tourists but the singer and drummer from a famous band. So with my hand still over his mouth I dragged an intoxicated Brian into a dimly lit bar, his muffled laughter following us all the way in.
‘Be good and I‘ll buy you a drink.’ I promised and led him to an unoccupied booth.

I sat down then he slid in beside me and touched my arm. ‘I want beer…and I want vodka….beer shots and a bottle of vodka!’ And he giggled again.

‘You mean vodka shots and a bottle of beer.’

‘That’s what I said.’

I peeked out though my mask, there must have been three of four other couples seated in this crappy bar, plus a bartender who was reading a magazine and a waify looking waiter that looked like someone who just stepped out of a movie, his features were sticking and slightly feral and I wondered how long it would be till Brian noticed and tried to hit on him.

Two minutes?

I lifted my hand and gestured him over. ‘Two beers and a bottle of Absolute vodka with two shot glasses.’

The waiter nodded and I caught sight of Brian looking up at him, his eyes roaming to the boy’s firm ass as he walked away.
‘Steve!’ he squeezed my arm as he uttered in a not so quiet way. ‘did you see that guys ass?’
I grunted, I was straight….I didn’t check out guys asses….right? But I couldn’t help look in the direction of the pretty waiter’s back-side….I nearly choked on my own spit….damn….wow…..

I cleared my throat then chuckled uncomfortably. ‘nice?’
‘He has the kind of ass you’d like to…’ but I cut him off by poking him in the arm in a teasing manner… well it was supposed to be teasing but I guess it was a bit hard and then grunted and without realizing it pouted. Was I….

‘Jealous? Oww….’

My eyes went wide, the mask shifting uncomfortably over my gestures. ME? ME jealous of Brian staring at another guys butt?

I stared, my head spinning beautifully from the previous six beers I had drunk then silently wondered what it would have been like if Brian had looked at me like he looked at that guy.
I didn’t want him to though…or did I? Ok, Steve….if you don’t want him to look at you that way then why are you acting like a jealous lover right now?

‘Shut up Bri.’ I muttered then slipped the waiter a handful of bills as he set our stuff down on the table and walked away.

‘Perhaps you’re not as straight as you think. You ever thought of that Stevey-boy,’ and his eyes looked at me vividly bright through the deep red mask. Brian’s eyes were always lovely….but I had never noticed just HOW breath-taking they really were…till now.

‘You’re talking shit, you need a drink.’ And I poured Brian and myself a shot of vodka.
I really needed a drink.
I needed to get drunker and drown away Brian’s words wondering if there was even a grain of truth in what he’d just said.

But Brian just laughed at my words, my shitty comeback to his comment amusing him, and raised his glass to mine.

‘To Mardi Gras and to what it may bring.’ Then he clinked his glass to mine and drank as I watched his lips curling around the shot glass beautifully.


Brian and I must have drunk four or five more shots, clinking each one up in toast…to Mardi Gras and….whatever the fuck it would bring…..

‘Steve?’ murmured Brian as he licked his lips clean of the last traces of vodka then leaned into me with a smile, gently touching my arm. ‘They’ve got a juke-box. Have you noticed that they’ve got a juke-box?’ and slender fingers tugged at my top until I finally turned to look over my shoulder at the antique looking music-box.


‘I want to dance, Steve.’ Brian tugged at my sleeve again and gave me one of his breath-taking smiles, his eyes glossy with alcoholic delight.
A small quiver made the inside of my belly burn, oddly nice.

‘I don’t think that thing works Bri.’ I answered,’ music’s not coming from that.’ I nodded, almost relieved that the sound of some underground band’s songs were coming from cheep speakers and not from the juke-box making them seem….less….romantic…more distant in a way.

The song was about love lost, drunk and drowned in a river of roses and I was torn between loving and hating the female singer’s deep raspy tone.

‘That’s because no one noticed it, yet.’ Brian replied to which I gave him a quizzical look but had no time to reply for the drunken one had slipped out of his seat and was making his way to the waiter.

I strained to listen, but I could not hear what they were saying….I frowned, yes, I admit I fucking frowned as I saw Brian offer him a seductive smile and touch the boy’s arm lightly.


Moments later he sashayed my way, passing by my table he stuck his tongue out at me and grabbed hold of his beer bottle.
‘It’s going to play for me.’ He chanted, almost mocking me then walked over to the juke and sprawled over top of it. His free hand stroking its buttons, his hips rammed into the colorful metal, his gorgeous eyes diving deep into the pretty words it uttered for him….only for him…..

‘G….3….’ I heard him say and he slipped a coin in and pressed the desired buttons…..
the woman’s voice having brutally died in the speakers replaced by….
…..Nick Cave…..shit…..I loved his stuff and Bran knew that damned well, too.

Brian turned, his body now facing my way for I had diverted all my attention to him now.
Slowly he began to sway his hips then extended an arm my way, index finger beckoning me over.

‘Come and dance with me lovah… can dwell on whatever truth you desire through that mask….’ Then in a tone which was almost pleading, half-way between innocent and sensual he added, ‘come to me, Steve…..’

Like a moth to the fucking flame….
I was Brian’s to claim.

‘Come, Steve…’ he purred at me with a tone dripping with alcohol and smeared over in lust.

Was the music getting him off, the drink, or was it that pretty waiter who was leaned against the bar giving Brian small, shy looks while he brushed a lock of ebony hair behind a petite ear.

I rose to my feet and made my way over to Brian and the instant I was there he placed his free hand upon my hip and pulled me close.
‘Move with me, Steve…’ he murmured, and then smiled a soft butterfly smile when I began to move my hips to the rhythm of his.
‘That’s it….baby knows how to grind and shake ‘em…..’
I chuckled lightly and I ~swore~ that I heard these words coming from phantom voices overhead…. “Straight? My ass!”

My head darted up trying to locate from where the words were coming from. ‘Steve.’ Brian whispered and broke me free from invisible restraints. ‘Look at me….and let yourself go.’

So…I did.

The music played and Brian and I danced, hip to hip, thigh to thigh, trying with tiny whimpers of need to crawl closer to each other….and I suddenly found the need to dive under his skin, curl up in a corner of his soul and just stay there…forever.

Brian arched his neck back, lips part under the mask in an erotic manner, the tall black feather pluming from the mask swaying to the rhythm his body was creating. I suddenly felt something I never felt with a man, ever. My dick, which had been rubbing against his hip, was, drastically getting hard. I gasped and shivered and Brian’s head rose and he looked into my eyes for a long, long moment. I sucked in a breath, uncertain of what I was feeling….no, fuck I KNEW what I was feeling! Uncertain to WHY I was feeling this with a guy….with Brian!

Then, in pure silence he looked down at the non-existent gap between us before looking up at me again.

‘Do you wanna get out of here?’ he asked in a gentle tone and I nodded and swallowed down a moan.


With a nod he grabbed my wrist and pulled me through the near-empty bar, pausing only to discard the empty bottle of beer on our table and grab, in its place, the vodka bottle.

In an instant I found myself hand in hand, running through the streets of New Orleans with Brian by my side heading for the hotel.

My breath caught in my throat as we ran, my heart thumping like a caged creature, feral and wild…exhilarating.
We neared the elaborate hotel then staggered up its steps, Brian giggling as the doorman bid us good-night.
Well it was actually ‘Bonne nuit monsieur and madam.’ Which only made Brian giggle even louder.

‘He thinks you’re a girl.’ I whispered as I cupped a hand around his ear.
‘Do you think I’m a girl?’ he asked as we waited for the elevator, hips cocked to one side, delicate hand resting upon it in an impressive glamour-model pose.
I took a good look at him, I never thought of Brian as a girl….girly, yah…but he was all boy and tonight I was seeing this boy in a different light.

My reply was a shake of my head, feathers swaying as Brian gave me a dazzling smile.

Then he grabbed me by my belt, using it like a leash as he let the tip slip out of one of the loopholes and pulled me into the elevator almost dominatingly.

With a silvery chime the door closed behind us and Brian leaned against one wall and looked at me with intoxicated desire in his eyes, lips part slightly making him look so…divine. The bright elevator light played around his head casting shadows, creating a crooked halo of shimmer around his head like some beautiful, drunken angel.

‘You wanna fuck me?’ he asked.

We knew where this was leading too….ever since we danced…we knew that tonight would not end up like previous nights…but now…. fuck…. him ~actually~ saying that made me shudder and gasp.
Thoughts always seem so innocent until some actually blurts them out, gives them flesh, blood, bones….a dick.

Silence engulfed me; I felt like a raccoon caught in the head lights of an eighteen-wheeler in a second I’d be road-kill unless someone saved my sorry ass.

‘Steve?’ he uttered and at that moment I knew.

Shit, yah, I fucking ~knew~ the answer….

….for a long, long time I HAD wanted to mess around with Brian, but I always denied it…. to him when we were drunk and he’d run his tiny hands under my shirt and cover my neck in delicate kisses trying to mark me with his lips, to Stef when he’d catch me glancing secretively at Bri during practice, but also to myself.

‘Give a man a mask….’ Brian began…’and he shall tell the truth…..’ and he paused long enough to let me suffer in his silence. ‘Tell me the truth Steven…..’

Then I licked my lips and tried in desperation to find the right words to say.

Brian held his tongue, keeping silent and watching me squirm uncomfortably under the bright light.

The tip of my tongue slipped out from between my lips again wetting them nervously. I swallowed hard then opened my mouth to speak but my words were all stolen away as the elevator’s bell chimed softly telling us that we’d arrived at our floor.

Brian looked at me gently then took a step my way. ‘This is where we get off.’ he said in a faint whisper.

‘Get off…yah.”

I nodded and stepped out of the elevator brushing past Brian as I did so, hurriedly making my way towards my hotel room.

I sighed deeply and nearly fell upon a potted plant that I didn’t see in my drunken state.
‘fuck!’ I cursed under my breath and dropped the Mardi Gras beads to the floor watching them as they feel like a beaded serpent onto the deep mahogany colored carpet.

There was so much I had….needed….. to tell him but my tongue felt numb and the words foreign. All I could manage to do at that moment was kneel onto the floor and try to scoop up my lost treasure.

Brian quickly walked after me and put his foot on my beads just as I grabbed them making me grumble and look up. ‘get off my beads.’

get off my beads. what a stupid thing to say! I felt like a school boy and I could feel a blush creeping up on my face so I quickly looked back down.

Brian began to speak, ‘Steve…..I…’ but I didn’t let him finish his sentence, fuck it….fuck it all to hell….I wanted him. For so damn long I’ve denied my feelings.
Throwing caution to the wind I stood up, fuck the beads, and then I reached out for his hips so harshly he nearly dropped the vodka bottle out of his grasp. I pulled him close our lips touching in a heart-stopping kiss.

In an instant Brian’s free arm was around my neck, small, dainty hands curving to the back of my head cupping it gently.
Small, hungry moans escaped his lips while I pulled him tighter towards me feeling my whole body nearly exploding in delight. Why had I denied myself this all this time?

Brian’s mouth was divine; the curves of his lips nearly brought me to my knees, his fingers slipping through the back of my hair in such a way that shivers trickled down my spine.

‘Come inside?’ I whispered as I broke the kiss and looked down into his eyes softly.

A nod then Brian smiled up at me and licked his just-kissed lips.
‘You better believe it….’

I don’t remember how I slipped the right key into the lock and opened the door. I don’t remember how quickly we staggered into the room, but I do remember Brian’s kisses, warm and fiery and so utter-fuckingly great.

Somehow one of us kicked the door closed and in an instant we were staggering towards the bedroom. Then with a giggle Brian pushed me away so damn hard I fell back upon the bed quite roughly.

Pussy-cat’s got claws

I moaned as he denied me the pleasure of his touch and went to rise but he just pushed me back down then wiggled his index finger at me in a school-marm sort of way. ‘Uh huh, lover. You stay PUT.’

I bit my bottom lip nodding slightly anticipating whatever Brian was about to do.

Bottle-holding hand rested lethargically down by his side while his other hand slipped over to the waistband of his pants like horny little snakes in a desperate search for naked flesh.

My eyes opened wide as he fumbled with the button, then the zipper and slide it down exposing a sliver of very pale, very smooth flesh with the softest trace of dark brown hair creating a line down towards his dick like an arrow screaming ‘this way to heaven’.


Brian looked up at me impishly, his hand tugging down the material in a teasing manner exposing a bit of hip. ‘God….what?’ he uttered teasingly as he thrust the bottle into my arms not waiting for, or wanting a reply.

My fingers wrapped around it and it felt warm from his hands. I lifted it up and took a swig letting the harsh liquid slither down my throat and finally seep into my stomach like a liquid inferno.

Slender hips began to sway to the rhythm of his imaginary music, delicate hands reaching for the hem of his top, then with careful grace he slide his T-shirt up over his head leaving the mask perfectly intact.

I nearly choked on the vodka.

Sleek skin spread tautly over firm breast-bone pale as fuck, the faintest of color coming from pale pink nipples.

‘God….’ I whispered as he dropped the shirt to the floor.
‘You already said that….and He can’t help you now….you’re mine Steve,’
Then he blinked at me with those beautiful fuck-me eyes of his and added, ‘right?’

I rose, silent, and walked over to him, my body heat rising dangerously. No one had ever made me feel this hot.

Brian looked at me, lips part, like some wanton-child, innocent yet wild.

Then he grabbed the bottle out of my hand and poured it all over me with a chuckle.
‘That’s what you get when you don’t reply!’

I stood there dripping….from head to toe I was slick with vodka as Brian leaped up on the bed and began to laugh. Vodka bottle, now empty, lay on its side on the floor, not needed anymore.

‘You’re so…fucking dead.’ I blurted out as I turned. My shirt stuck to my chest, my demon-feathers lay limply down the side like wet noodles and there were rivers of alcohol trickling down my sides, seeping into my pants.

Brian bounced once on the bed laughing at me. I couldn’t help it, I began to laugh as well…I must be such a sight!

But I wasn’t going to stand there dripping.

‘Is this what you want Molko?’ I said as he smirked down at me and began to peal the mask off my face hurling it at the foot of the bed, then I grabbed my shirt and slipped it off while smirking eyes moved down to my chest. I caught the tip of his tongue peeking seductively through his lips as he licked them slowly while I began to unbutton my pants.

‘Fuck, Steve….’

I looked up at him as he uttered those words; strands of vodka-soaked hair clinging to my face as I part the folds of my pants and let them dip an inch or two over my hips.
Then I nodded and replied softly to his comment in a low, needing tone. ‘Come one Bri….then fuck me……

And I watched him as his eyes went wide and in a heart-beat he reached over to my opened belt, grabbed either side of it and pulled me onto the bed.
We staggered as he pulled and I fell right on top of him as he breathed out a soft groan.

‘Tell me this is real…’ he whispered into my ear as he leaned towards me.
‘This is real.’ I responded, needed to hear it out loud myself.

I heard him sigh contently and the feathers of his mask tickled against my skin as he wriggled under me and leaned his lips forth to kiss upon my neck.
‘You taste of the masquerade….bitter….sweet….alcoholic-y….’ his words were butterfly whispers, soft and delicate, his legs were horny creatures slipping open to accommodate my body then snaking needily around my waist.

I closed my eyes drinking him in, letting him seep into my very being.

‘Brian….’ I whispered, my eye closing momentarily, as he flicked his tongue just under my earlobe causing me to shiver in delight.

He replied to me by slipping his hands to my opened pants, sliding them into the material then bringing them back to cup my ass. I groaned pleasurably then shuddered above him, my cock aching against the barrier of my damned jeans.
His mouth never left my neck as he alternated between small kisses and lusty licks. His tongue was like a fucking fire burning me whole.

Brian’s hand stroked and caressed and slithered, beautifully violating me.
‘I want to touch you….’ He moaned against me, his mouth millimeters from my skin and I could feel his breath coming out quick and jagged. I nodded faintly. I wondered who wanted it worse, him or me?

Before I had time to analyze that any further one of his hands had slipped towards my belly and was headed down towards….


Long, slender fingers pried into my briefs and wrapped themselves around my cock.
‘Fuck, you’re hard.’ He uttered, a moan laced beautifully with his delicate voice.

But I was speech-less, words felt foreign to me now, all I had to reply with was my body language and it was screaming loud and clear.

‘I want you! I need you!’

His small body squirmed underneath me, skinny legs unwrapping themselves from around me and he began to nudge me off of him.

‘On your back.’ He murmured, his voice dripping lust.
I squirmed and rolled onto my back and felt Brian’s hand moving away from my dick as I did so.

‘Bri….’ I cried out and looked up at his masked face with grand desire.
‘Shh….I’m here lover.’

Then he took hold of my pants and briefs, while I fought to kick off my boots, and in one fluid gesture he tugged them off of my legs and dropped them in a pile on the floor.
A shiver trickled down my spine as I lay on the King-sized bed with nothing but vodka on me.
He was taking too long, I ached for his hands, I needed them on me, NOW!

‘Don’t stop.’ I whispered under my breath but he just looked up at me, smiled and tilted his head to the side in a coquettish way answering me with a tone that could bring any man to his knees.

‘I’ve got something better that a hand-job in mind.’

Words caught in my throat like a burr and I tried desperately to swallow them down.
something better than a hand-job could only mean one of two things.

‘I want to suck your cock, Steve.’ He murmured as he slithered downward, dainty hands held onto my legs and pushed them apart so that he could inch in between them.
My lips part and the only thing that ….I guess, could pass for coherent was a single blend of two simple words.

The night outside our window was warm and marked over and over again by the Mardi Gras, deliciously entwined with love, lust and the smell of sex. The final masquerade being played out here, now, laced with alcoholic bliss and the soft, moist sounds of Brian’s lips as he wrapped them around my rock-hard dick and began to suck me off.

My back arched off the bed in a vivid arc and my eyes snapped shut. ‘fuuuuuuuuck!’ I yelled out through clenched teeth as he bobbed his tiny head south-wards, his tongue doing something fascinating to the length of my shaft.
‘Oh …fuck….fuuuck…Bri!’

Yet he never missed a beat. He knew what he was doing and he was doing it well….no….screw that…he wasn’t doing it well…it was MORE that good, more that perfect. If someone had asked me to portray the perfect head-job and the most perfect hollow of a mouth…then…fucking hell, this’d be it!

My back finally lowered back onto the mattress until my spine came into contact with the soft sheets and they felt so damn smooth. My hands arched over my head gripping each side of the pillow so damn hard I thought that my nails would dig into the pillow-case and tear it.

‘Don’t …stop….’ I managed to choke out as I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. I had a wild urge to thrust my hips towards Brian’s face and fuck his mouth till I came, screaming, dripping ribbons of salty-sweet cum into his mouth.

One of his hands slid over to my stomach and fingertips danced around my bellybutton as soft as feathers, an almost non-existent touch that made me want to explode before heading back towards my dick and curving around the base ever so softly.

I felt his other hand then trickling down, toying with the skin over my thigh as it made its way over to the inner part so damn slow, teasing me with his violating touch. Fingers caressed, lingered, then moved to my balls and cupped them as I sucked in a mouthful of air.

This was heaven….this was sweet torture.

Brian moved his head letting my length slip out of him fully, which made me cry out softly and snap my eyes open to look upon him. His lips were smooth and glossy with spit and my pre-cum, his hair was disheveled, strands having slipped out messily from the elastic of the mask.

He looked like some erotic feather-creature and I wanted nothing more that to take him and make him mine.

Without a word I inched up and came face to face with him kissing him fully upon his lips.
I began to tug his pants down and I noticed he’d gone commando….surprise, surprise! I smiled to myself and slid the material down over his ass, my fingers brushing over his skin. I never had realized just how damned soft he was.
His cock bobbed forth and by looking down I could tell he was in as grand a need for fucking as I was.

‘Steven….’ He murmured, breaking the delicate silence. ‘Take me.’

And I nodded softly and lowered my pretty feather-creature onto his back.

Our clothes lay in a messy heap twined together on the floor and for a second I tried to imagine Stef’s reaction if he were to walk in at this moment.

fucking hell…
Wouldn’t he be in shock seeing….straight me withering atop of a very, very horny Brian parting his legs and hooking them delicately around my waist?

I gasped softly as I watched him ready himself and my heart skipped a beat….he was spreading his legs for me offering his hands, mouth, ass for me and me alone.

‘Slip inside….’ he softly whispered and I brought my hand down to my cock and brought it needingly down to his ass.
Yah, fucking right.

With one fluid motion I thrust the tip of me inside him and the sensation took my breath away.

‘Goooooood! Steeeeeven! Oh…fuuuuuuuck!’

I felt as if I had been thrust into another dimension where everything was liquid and perfect and the stars outside exploded into multitude of silver and gold glitter while this beautiful creature beneath me continued to vocalize his lust driving me fucking mad.

‘Deeper Steve…..slip in deeper.’

I grabbed his hips and slide myself in not stopping till he had engulfed the whole of my dick then stopped, trying in vain, to slow down my racing heart.

‘Noooo….’ Brian mewled and grabbed my hips pulling me towards him. ‘Don’t stop, please, don’t stop fucking me.’

I arched my head down to the crook of his neck and breathed in his scent. Cigarettes….vodka….strawberries…skin…..then slid my hips back and began to fuck him slowly, savoring every single second.
His muscles wrapped around me warm and tight and it felt like heaven had come down into the room only for me and Brian alone.

‘You feel so good inside me.’ A fragile voice uttered as he turned his head towards my ear and I could feel his velvety lips millimeters from me.

Brian’s hands moved from my hips and tiny fingers worked their way upwards until they found the back of my neck and began to slither in through the longish strands of my hair.

I wanted to jerk him off, to kiss and lick him as I moved in his ass hitting back against that sweet, sweet spot that caused him to cry out vociferously and tug my hair with passion. Brian’s moans and groans filled the room and slipped out into the New Orleans’s night to taunt and tease the masqueraders down below that they weren’t getting the fuck of their lives right now.

My hand found its way to Brian’s dick and I wrapped my fingers around it jerking him off to the rhythm of my fucking.
I kissed along his neck and he arched his tiny body up to me making soft, feral noises of desire.

‘Close….’ He whispered as I sucked upon the flesh just under his ear bruising his pale skin with marks of lust. ‘So close lover…..’

I felt him wriggling; I needed to come inside him, bad…now….fuck…..NOW!

‘Oh, God, Brian….come…..’ I managed to utter breathlessly as my body quivered trying to hold back till he came as well. My hand picking up its pace stroking the length of his cock fluidly.

‘Now Steven....’ Brian’s body arched back, his head digging into the pillow as ribbons of come trickled through my fingers and over my hand dripping like melted pearls over his belly while I thrust within him in an animalistic way. I cried out into his neck as I let myself go falling into my own state of Nirvana coming long and hard into his ass.

I thrust into him until I was spent and Brian whimpered and clung onto me tightly.

I pulled out and rolled onto my side sticky-slick with vodka, clean sweat and come, Brian’s and mine.

Brian rolled over on his side slowly and draped an arm almost timidly around my waist.
‘Steven?’ he whispered almost inaudibly and I turned my head to look at him as he grabbed the mask, took it off and tossed it away.


Then he looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and my heart….melted.
This…feeling…..this brand new feeling…I had often wondered what this feeling was when I caught myself looking at Brian, but now, now I knew.

‘Love you….’

I smiled and pulled him into my arms. This felt right; him and I, embracing like we were meant to fit together like this, so then I smiled and kissed his lips.

The mask was off….
The truth would no longer be hidden behind falseness.
So I licked my lips and brushed a lock of hair away from his cheek and replied.

‘I love you too, Brian…..’

And from the smile upon his face I knew that he knew that I always had.


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